Potential bicycle commuters looking to save money by leaving the car at home can be easily discouraged when browsing their local retail bike shop. Prices on complete bicycles offered by typical store-front retail stores are usually in the $800 to $2,500 range. So much for saving money, right? At,  we believe that a competent city-commuting bicycle should be much, much more affordable. To see how affordable, just check out our store.


For those looking to supplement their automobile usage with the occasional bike ride, utility is king. You don't want to get stuck somewhere in the middle of a ride with component issues. Our research shows that the majority of maintenance issues on road bikes stem from the gears. Though bikes with gears have  their advantages (See Our 7 Speeds), the lowest amount of maintenance comes with use of a single speed. Removing the components on your bike that are associated with gears can reduce the amount of breakable parts on your bike by up to 20%.


Take the majority of the bikes sold in big box stores into any bike shop for repair or upgrades and they will inform you that the 90's called and they want their bike back. Loose-bearing bottom brackets and threaded headsets are a thing of the past, it's time to move on. The bicycles that we provide have modern and universal components such as sealed bottom brackets and thread-less headsets. This makes finding parts and upgrading components on your bicycle easy!


A large portion of bicycles on the market are designed for all terrain riding. Mountain and BMX style bikes have a geometry and design that caters more to stunts and obstacles than to efficiency and speed. We have found that the geometry of road and track-style bikes cater much more to inner-city commuting speeds and movement efficiency. A few pedals into your ride and you are already on your way!


The internet-savvy shopper often has their strategies when it comes to finding what they want. Many internet shoppers end up on sites like Ebay or Craigslist when price hunting. BUYER BEWARE... When it comes to a substantial purchase such a complete bicycle, the lack of post-purchase support from sites like these can often leave the buyer high and dry. At we make sure that all bikes purchased are equipped with a manufacturer warranty on the Frame and Forks for a whole year after the purchase.