The moment a kid realizes that they can ride a bike is always a moment of elation.  The irony here is that reliving this feeling of adventure and freedom is just like riding a bike.



There are plenty of bike race events out there held to raise money for great causes, such as cancer research, multiple sclerosis research and local organizations. See what’s going on in your area.



Some people use physical activity to help reduce stress. Some people go outdoors to help reduce stress. Some people do both by going for a bike ride.



Gas + Insurance + Initials Costs + Maintenance = Too Expensive!  Cars run on money and make you fat. Bikes run on fat and save you money!



Believe it or not, the right bike can get you where you're going while avoiding traffic. It's hard to imagine a bike being faster when getting to your inner-city destination.



The federal government is currently funding thousands of pro-bicycling projects every year. This means more bike lanes and bike paths for riders than ever before in America



Need a break from the daily grind? Need to clear you mind real quick. Try a quick bike ride, it can do wonders for daily stress!



Bike riding will engage your leg muscles without the constant impact of running. Your knees, ankles, and feet will be thanking you.



In terms of working out and burning off calories. We aren’t always looking forward to time at the gym. A vigorous bike ride, however, will get your blood flowing in a rewarding and adventurous way.



There's nothing like a beautiful day to make you want to go outdoors. Cycling is a great way to enjoy that perfect summer morning or that calm autumn afternoon actively!